Rising Jazz Have Get-in Prices Under $10 For Remaining Games

Some people thought the Utah Jazz were crazy when they traded away young big man Enes Kanter. Just two months later, Quinn Snyder and co. look like geniuses. Despite always offering solid offensive talent, Kanter was a sieve on defense and his mere presence also limited defensive stopper, Rudy Gobert. With Kanter’s departure, Gobert has been unleashed and so, too, have the Jazz.

Utah has risen from the ashes ever since the All-Star break, turning into one of the more balanced teams in the league and easily one of the stingiest on defense. With a well-rounded team full of young, rising talent, what Jazz fans are witnessing this year could very well be the start of something special heading into the 2015-16 NBA season.

Only time will tell if the progress will continue, but for now Jazz fans can catch the Jazz live at a discount price. Let’s check out the value of Jazz tickets as we break down their cheapest and most expensive home games left in April, according to RazorGator.com.

Cheapest – 4/8/2015 vs. Sacramento Kings | Avg: $47 | Get-in: $4

Under $50 to see DeMarcus Cousins go up against the Stifle Tower? Yeah, fans will take that value. Even better are the cheap seats for this one, which cost less than a bad razor. Fans can get their head around this value, since Sacramento isn’t a total cakewalk, but should be an opponent the Jazz can take down at home. Utah has been by far their best on their home court, too, so with the Kings pushing things on offense they could witness a game with some extra points while still hopefully getting the win.

Most Expensive – 4/13/2015 vs. Dallas Mavericks | Avg: $76.29 | Get-in: $8

Things get much tougher on the 13th, as Dallas will be positioning itself with playoff seeding and won’t want to drop a game on the road to the Jazz. That’s easier said than done for Dirk Nowitzki and co., however, as Utah has been quite strong over the past two months and should be rather fired up with this being their regular season finale at home.

As solid as the Mavs are, they really only have Tyson Chandler down low, so Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert could make a huge impact in this game. The matchup between Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons will also be fairly key, while the health of explosive shooting guard Monta Ellis might be the kicker. Either way, Dallas doesn’t play much defense, so the Jazz should put up a few more points to stick around in this one, while their gritty defense could potentially help get them an upset win. For Mavs fans in the area, seeing Mavericks tickets for an $8 get-in price is better than any deal you will find in Dallas.

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